Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Body Art Paintings Festival Germany

Body art competition and International German Body painting Festival was held on the German city of Mainz recently. 60 artists from around the world was participated in this exclusive competition. Watch some of the very good bodyart paintings of Germany festival, wish next time post more festival art photos.

Front view of the body art model posing to the photographer
Body art artist works with a model's face and do ready for the body art festival.
Body Art Festival in Germany pictures
Body Art Festival Germany girls body paintings
Body Art Festival Germany red devil man body paintings. Festival in Austria-Body Art Competition Exhibition Body Paintings Festival AustriaAlso-Body Art Painting Fashion Festival Kiev Ukraine

Football Soccer Girls BodyArt Paintings Jersey

After a very long time "humanbodyartpaintings" come back with some exclusive football or soccer girl body art photos to you. We are happy to came back and here to present you (body art painted lover) the most fabulous and popular body art creation. Know that you love body art as I do. Hope, you will enjoy these sexy football soccer girls bodyart jersey. These paintings are little bit exotic I know, but you can't ignore the beauty of these soccer jersey body paintings. Watch the sexeurocup Football Body Painting art girls.

Footbal Body Painting
Football Body Painting art
soccer girl body paintings
Football Body Painting art girls
soccer girls bodyart paintings jersey
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Leather Body Painting

Airbrush painting on leather jacket - Ozzy OsbourneAirbrush painting on leather jacket - Ozzy Osbourne

Mr-S-Leather Liquid Latex Body Paint Mr-S-Leather Liquid Latex Body Paint

Leather Body PaintingLeather Body Painting